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Since July 2010 to Jan 2011


I have been busy in my third semester and placements so was unable to write my blog. I was very tensed regarding my career and placements, In our college, placement started in July 2010 and I was waiting with interest of my company.

In the month of September the company named paul Mason Consulting(PMC) visited our campus and i sat for that company for .NET profile and i was selected as intern in that company. Still I was not satisfied as I didn’t have any JOB offer. Then in the last week of September i got to know that company called MAXIM-IC is going visit our campus and I was excited because it completely based on .NET profile but at the time of registration i got new s that i am not eligible for sitting in the company and i was sad but some how I got chance to sit in that company. So I have prepared for that company, 4th oct. 11:00 AM morning I went to exam hall and was very tensed I took test which was about an hour and after 3 hours I got the result  and I was shortlisted for interview. There were total four panel of interviewers and have to face each turn by turn 😦 :(. I have successfully cleared  all the interviews and got selected in MAXIM-IC as Software Engineer. 🙂 🙂

After all these things I thought I am free but I was not. 😛 Because lots of things was left I mean exams,projects,etc.

My projects were some what interesting because had taken some new concepts and both of them were in ASP.NET/C# I will write separate post for my projects in NEXT post.

At the end of my semester there was final exam which was held in the last week of November so I have to prepare well to score the good marks but as usual I am week in theory subjects 😦  though I didn’t failed in any subjects :D. Finally I got result in second week of December PASS with 6.41 SPI and 6.78 CPI(Aggregate).  Then I was enjoying my vacation with my best buddies  enjoyed a lot and in free time I was doing some forum reply and have also written some articles too.

I have enjoyed my last semester a lot and now I had left my lovely awesome hostel.:( 😦 I am missing  all my friends badly.:(:(

I got joining date of my internship which was 28th December and have to setup everything in baroda. As my internship is in BARODA. I got PG and staying there and doing my internship.

Mihir Soni.

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