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doctypehtml.in conference Ahmedabad 5th feb.


It was Friday and of course  last day of week 😉 :P. I came at my home Ahmedabad at night around 9:oo pm.

Saturday I have planned to attend the conference which was held in Ahmedabad and the agenda was to introduce and use of HTML5 and CSS3.

Starting from simple web designer to a web developer it’s helpful to everyone I think.:)

I reached there 9:30 there was simple registration process after that the first talk was on HTML5 by Kiran Jonnalagadda it was good and the basic use of HTML5. After the talk there was some interesting stuff. We had our registration on the website doctypehtml5.in for the event  and they were storing the user Agent of everyone and based on that details they made chart of how many people are using which browser.

It was very interesting as most of them were using Firefox,Chrome,Safari,IE8,IE9.Opera and the fun part was that some of have used IE6 ya I know its strange to use IE6 now a days but still people do 😛
By the way in mid presentation I get to know that the all presentation were made in HTML5 so there was no PPT.
After that talk we had small tea break and then presentation of CSS3 by Rahul Gonsalves. It was nice as he explained lots of the new features of CSS3 with HTML5. It’s very cool and we must use in our projects as well.:)
He covered many cool topics in CSS3 & HTML5 . Following site is very nice site for CSS3.
After that presentation I know everyone must hate this thing but still I’ll write. the presentation on IE9 by Sandeep Alur from Microsoft. He has explained the new features of IE9.
He gave some demo of  IE9+Windows7 so how it performs well with Windows 7 .
Then after the lunch break we were having session on HTML5 multimedia like video,audio and all other cool features of that.This presentation was given by Sanjay Bhangar. He is working on open source project called http://pad.ma from past three years.
You must visit that site as they highly use HTML5. He explained us how to use video,audio and some api for the same. In last he demonstrated his project and it was very nice and having very good features like, We can send some part of video to friend,  I mean you can send 10 min of video from 1 hour video to friend and other excellent feature were there too.
And in last we are having presentation on geolocation and offline cache storage by Dhaval Trivadi . It was good and he explained how we can develop it in our own application. He had also introduced some new framework for mobile/ipad devices like jQueryjqtouch.
jqtouch its nice just make your browser window as emulator.
Overall the seminar was good. I enjoyed  a lot.
Thank you.
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  1. February 5, 2011 at 10:05 PM

    Nice write up.
    I was there too. It was truly enlightening and enjoyable event and we got to learn quite a lot of things about html5 and css3.

  2. Mihir Soni
    February 5, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    Yeah it was nice 🙂

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