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Last semester Internship


I haven’t blogged about my self, I mean, where am I? What am I doing now days..? Well currently I am pursuing in my last semester of my master which is an industrial internship, I was recruited by PMC for an internship which is situated in BARODA(Vadodara), so we were three guys from my class. Two classmates are from same city, so they were not worried about accommodation. I am from Ahmedabad so I have to find some PG to stay. I found my PG near my office with help of Anish who is my classmate, colleague in company 😉 :P. Our first day was 28th December which was joining date given by the company. On the same day we got vacation of one more week and they informed that our training will start from 3rd January, so we got vacation of one more week.  I came back at home and enjoyed one week staying at home, there were some problems though. We had lots of fun during internship, me and Anish had lots of fun…enjoyed a lot….

We had training in first month of internship. It was basic training, which is given by all company to their freshers such as introduction of Tool and Technologies used by the company, coding standards etc. After that we assigned projects and me and Anish both were on different project. We had to face whole SDLC life cycle.

Apart from office we used to go outside for food and thanks to Anish for that, as he showed me some good places for food. I specially like “Chezzz Garlic Puff” and “Bread katka” both items were awesome . I eat very selected things so some time Anish got frustrated for that…;):P, almost all day we would  fight with each other and would have discussion on stupid topics:P :D. Every week I aways waits for friday so i can run back to home 😀 so i spent every weekend to

In last week we had farewell in “Barbeque Nation” which was very good experience and nice hotel :D. We had finally completed our internship and now we are having our presentation on 5th may. I don’t know how it will be. 😛

All over it was very nice and good experience with company and company’s people I had learned a lot

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